Eclipses always take us out of the ordinary and move us into new life phases very rapidly. This swift change can make us feel uneasy, yet these portals for heightened growth do greatly assist us in our evolution and help us manifest our desired internal or external shifts in powerful ways. Solar eclipses, like we the one we will experience this coming week, generally usher positive external changes into our lives at an expedited pace. It’s a potent time to release anything not serving you and receive profound healing and transformation.

I started studying the effects of eclipses and astrology in depth in my twenties in Charlottesville, where I lived for many years. The tragedy there this past week was heartbreaking and represents another reminder of the necessity to create a culture and country based on love, respect, tolerance and kindness.

Many elders from indigenous traditions believe that the coming total solar eclipse is here to help us on a planetary level as we face the challenges of moving out of old repressive systems to establish a sustainable world with more love and light.

So how can this solar eclipse help you on your path while assisting us in birthing a better world?

#1 The first rule of benefiting from any eclipse is to let go and embrace the changes that occur. It’s essential to keep in mind that this is a time of releasing the old to make way for the new so if anything is falling away in your life or career, it’s literally creating more space for something beautiful, that you really want, to come into your life.

#2 Remind yourself that this is a time of heightened emotions. Realize that you and people everywhere may be triggered more than usual. In pushing us more quickly along our personal and planetary paths, eclipses frequently demand that we stretch and move into new phases more quickly than we would normally choose. This isn’t a bad thing, however it can be challenging for us emotionally to let go and open to the new at this accelerated pace. So if emotions get tense, remember you are safe, receive some deep breaths and do something calming that renews you.

#3 Tap into the spiritual and energetic benefits of the coming eclipse by creating more time in your life for intention and any spiritual practices that support you. This total solar eclipse is a tremendous opportunity to be very intentional about what you want in your life. Dive into meditation, deep breathing, being in nature, prayer or whatever practices give you the greatest vision, clarity, compassion and calm.

Support yourself in a way feels authentic for you and harness the power of this total eclipse to manifest the changes you want in your life and in our world.

Please post below about what you would like to receive or manifest with this eclipse and anything else you would like to share about the changes that you are experiencing. It would be great to hear from you.

Share below—our collective intention will help us all in manifesting our dreams personally and for the world!

Sending you light and love

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