Earlier today I was coaching with a client, focusing on helping her find the way forward in a major life transition she’s going through.

All of the sudden she had a big A-Ha and realized that several relationships in her life were influenced by the same pattern that caused her to settle for what she doesn’t truly want.

Can you relate?

It can be so easy to get distracted, overwhelmed or bogged down just trying to get by in the world.

Sometimes what we truly yearn for gets pushed to the side.

For my client, it became clear that if she stops putting up with relationships that don’t honor her, she can then move into her purpose with a lot more ease.

We walked through a process guiding her to let go of her fear and helped her map out a way to trust her intuition and stand up for herself in her relationships.

As I left she told me she couldn’t believe how much better she felt.

What change are you ready for in your life?

I encourage you to carve out some time this weekend and get really curious.

Go deep and let yourself voice what you want to experience for the rest of this year.

Focus on the energy you want to feel and then contemplate actions that will help you get there.

Personally, I’m getting ready to host Transform Coaching Academy Live in Phoenix next week.

Leading an event with people traveling in from various countries always gives me an opportunity to clear my own fears about voicing my truth.

Standing in our truth can be challenging at times, but the blessings that flow with authentically expressing yourself are profound.

Please post below and let us know what you’re ready to express to the world.

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