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If you have been feeling a call to enrich your holistic business, a Holistic Business Breakthrough Coaching Package with Dr. Eve is a great way to manifest the changes you would like to make in your career and begin living your dream!

A Holistic Business Breakthrough Coaching Package with Eve is for you if you feel ready for more abundance, ease and joy in your holistic business. During your coaching package (which can be done virtually or in person) Eve will assist you in clarifying exactly what you want for your future and help you clear internal and external blocks to living your vision!  Together with Eve’s intuitive guidance and amazing expertise, you’ll identify the specific action steps you need to take to manifest your goals.  Eve will help you release your biggest deep seated obstacles and establish the mindset to live your dreams. Your coaching sessions with Eve and the valuable bonuses you will receive will provide you with the support you need to stay on track with your growth and vision.

Your Holistic Business Breakthrough Coaching Package can be specifically tailored for your individual needs and be conducted via telephone, Skype or in person.

Eve only offers a very limited number of these life-changing one on one coaching packages each year–Space is limited so please contact us soon with any questions and if you are interested.

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“I really appreciate all the help that you have given me and provide me with!  I appreciate you holding my hand in this process. I truly believe that having you in my life, as my coach, has allowed me take a leap a faith opening my wellness center and fully stepping into my role as a healer, a coach, and a mentor. I am truly grateful for everything you have assisted me with and have taught me. I am now able to live the life I always knew I was able to have but was hesitant to embrace fully. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.”

~ Amy Robeson, Awakening Holistic Life Coaching & Yoga

Caroline Cain“Thank you so much Eve, for my VIP day, a breakthrough in itself, but with the daily meditation and journal on top of that the effects really are exponential! The journal in particular has really surprised me in just how powerful and far reaching it is.  Working with Eve really shifted things within me, giving me the courage to fully step out as my best self. Eve instantly creates a feeling of trust that really propels you forwards.”

~ Caroline Cain, The Freedom Seeker’s Mentor, Australia/Denmark,

Johnna Tuttle“I have struggled financially most of my life, until I worked with Eve Agee.  For the first time I have financial stability in my life. I enjoy more balance, peace, and abundance in all areas of my life. Before this, I had spent thousands of dollars and worked with many healers and nothing seemed to help me make the shift in the way my life changed with my sessions with Eve. My life has been transformed financially. She is a gift from God. I am forever grateful for her.”

~ Johnna Andrea Tuttle, President of Andreas Wellness Center, Twin Falls, Idaho


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Lori B“Eve has such great insight and intuition that she quickly understands the real you. She is so positive and supportive that she enables you to open up and believe in yourself. With her help, I am really taking control and I know I’m going to make it happen. Thanks Eve!”

~ Lori B, Washington DC

Karen-Miraldi“Eve’s Coaching gave my coaching and art businesses a tremendous boost. I would bring challenges I was working on to Eve for insight, inspiration and feedback. Eve’s laser focus on crucial issues resulted in polishing my websites and materials. I learned to think about aspects of my businesses in new ways. The synergistic energy of masterminding contributed to realizing my goals much faster than working on my own!”

~ Karen Miraldi, TCA Certified Coach, Ohio, USA,

Lauren Solomon“I have been coaching with Eve and have just completed our sessions. Each of our meetings was invaluable – she knows just when to listen and when to give me input, just when to be kind and patient and when to push me. At this point I trust Eve implicitly and what she taught me will extend far beyond our three months; in that short time the tools she has taught me and her means to a productive mindset have taken root in a very permanent way. I find myself making changes that were once unbelievably daunting and are now instead tackled with ease and confidence, becoming second nature and just part of my new, healthier lifestyle.

Eve’s intuition and her innate ability to read people and cut to the core of issues makes her coaching not only accessible but highly enjoyable. Her focus on the positive and her genuine appreciation of my progress meant that I always looked forward to our meetings. She let me know what my specific goals were and I enjoyed the challenge and the process of meeting them. Knowing that there was someone who would celebrate those successes with me was wonderfully fulfilling.

Eve was also a great source of relief in times of intense stress or during periods of what felt like unproductivity or backsliding; never judgmental and leaving me feeling as though she were right there with me, she was a means to lightness and rediscovering joy in times of darkness and frustration.

There are those who are skeptical of life coaching and then there are those who have experienced it with people like Eve. And for those of us who have, we know the life-altering changes someone like her can facilitate. With Eve, not only do you start to believe that true happiness is possible, but you actually attain it. It is a truly great gift that she possesses and one for which I will be eternally grateful.”

~ Lauren Solomon, Business Consultant to Entrepreneurs


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After a life coaching session with Eve, I felt uplifted, lighter and free-er. I left with a sense of direction that I didn’t have before. The personal breakthroughs that occurred spilled over into my career and I also came away with some very practical, hands on business guidance. I was so moved by the entire process of Eve’s life coaching, that I decided to become a life coach myself and take the training she is going to provide this fall.
The methods Eve used were such a success with me that I want to share them with others. I am deeply grateful and look forward to my new adventure in life coaching with great excitement.
~Cindee Joslin, Owner, Yoga~Story

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