How to Connect with Your Infinite Self & Gain Clarity

Inside each of us is an eternal, infinite soul…

Your authentic self or spirit–the part of you that will live beyond your body.

We spend so much energy just getting through the day, that often we miss the extraordinary opportunities awaiting us in every moment that we can access by turning our awareness within.

When you take the time to get in touch with your infinite self, you gain great clarity about your purpose and how you can best utilize your energy on this earth to walk your sacred path.

You tap into your intuition and get connected to your eternal wisdom and the Divine.

You start to shed the limits that have been placed on you by society and release the programming that has blocked you from seeing the truth of your existence.

Just imagine how this will give you perspective on the current challenges you face and allow you to love yourself and others more deeply.

This is the way forward for all of us to find the solutions needed to create a better future for humanity.

So what would it be like to devote time every day to deepening your relationship with this wise eternal part of you?

How would you like to do that?

For many it’s meditation.

For others, it’s being in nature, movement, prayer or through sacred communion with God or the Divine.

Whatever is your path to knowing your spirit, I encourage you to devote some time to this today.

All it takes is intention, focus and the willingness to let go of anything you’ve learned that says you’re not worthy.

I invite you to carve space out of your schedule this week to connect with the essence of life and what truly matters.

You’ll feel liberated, rejuvenated and have a greater sense of peace.

Let me know what you experience by posting below!

You sharing helps others and I would love to support you.

Wishing you infinite blessings!

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  2. eveageewp Says:

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