Rethinking Resolutions

We all start the year ready to go and create new habits and ways of living that truly serve us.  But do you know that by February, 80% of New Year’s resolutions have already been abandoned?   Coaching is all about helping people make true and lasting change.  In my twenty years of coaching I’ve learned […]

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Why it’s Essential to Take Stock of the Year

With the year winding down and the holidays on the way, it can be such a hurried time that we often forget to reflect on what 2017 meant for us.  Yet slowing down to take stock of the year and understand it’s significance to our lives can be incredibly powerful.  This week, we have the […]

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The Hidden Blessings of Gratitude

Did you know that gratitude literally rewires your brain and boosts your feel good hormones including serotonin and dopamine?  Simply searching for something to feel grateful for makes your brain more efficient, strengthens your emotional intelligence and changes the neurons in your brain making it easier to be happy. And gratitude also helps you sleep […]

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Float Stress Away

With all the challenges that have recently occurred it’s clear that everyone needs to take a deep dive into extreme self care and make relieving stress a daily priority.  We’re facing more stress than we’re wired to handle so becoming mindful about how you support yourself is key not only to your personal & professional […]

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The Eclipse and You!

Eclipses always take us out of the ordinary and move us into new life phases very rapidly.  This swift change can make us feel uneasy, yet these portals for heightened growth do greatly assist us in our evolution and help us manifest our desired internal or external shifts in powerful ways.  Solar eclipses, like we […]

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After a life coaching session with Eve, I felt uplifted, lighter and free-er. I left with a sense of direction that I didn’t have before. The personal breakthroughs that occurred spilled over into my career and I also came away with some very practical, hands on business guidance. I was so moved by the entire process of Eve’s life coaching, that I decided to become a life coach myself and take the training she is going to provide this fall.
The methods Eve used were such a success with me that I want to share them with others. I am deeply grateful and look forward to my new adventure in life coaching with great excitement.
~Cindee Joslin, Owner, Yoga~Story

Watch Steve Hennigan, M.D. share how coaching with Eve has inspired him to take the Transform Coaching Academy Life Coaching Certification Program.