Voice Your Truth

Earlier today I was coaching with a client, focusing on helping her find the way forward in a major life transition she’s going through. All of the sudden she had a big A-Ha and realized that several relationships in her life were influenced by the same pattern that caused her to settle for what she […]

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3 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Coaching

Like so many people, I stumbled upon coaching and immediately knew that this was my path, however I didn’t know how to get started.  Here are 3 things I wish I knew before I started coaching that will help you. Even though coaching was a different career trajectory for me, I fell in love with […]

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Rising Into Your Purpose

Imagine your wise future self many years in the future, near the end of your time in your body. You’ve lived a good life.  You’ve loved, learned a lot, had a good life and helped others in so many ways. Just take a minute to connect with your wise future self.  As you envision looking […]

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Melt Away Regret and Open to the Light!

Let’s face it, sometimes it feels like life is filled with mishaps, regrets and misunderstandings. It’s easy to be harsh on yourself and slip into judgment or beat yourself up. However there’s always the option to accept and embrace each experience as a vehicle for growth. You are a miracle and you can find wisdom […]

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What Do You Want to Give Birth To?

What do you want to remember 2018 for?  Just imagine looking back on your life several years from now.  What can you give birth to this year that’ll make your heart sing?  Take a few minutes this week to reflect on what you really want to create this year.  Maybe it’s more connection with friends […]

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After a life coaching session with Eve, I felt uplifted, lighter and free-er. I left with a sense of direction that I didn’t have before. The personal breakthroughs that occurred spilled over into my career and I also came away with some very practical, hands on business guidance. I was so moved by the entire process of Eve’s life coaching, that I decided to become a life coach myself and take the training she is going to provide this fall.
The methods Eve used were such a success with me that I want to share them with others. I am deeply grateful and look forward to my new adventure in life coaching with great excitement.
~Cindee Joslin, Owner, Yoga~Story

Watch Steve Hennigan, M.D. share how coaching with Eve has inspired him to take the Transform Coaching Academy Life Coaching Certification Program.