Have you ever received a sign from the Universe?

I totally believe in signs and I received a powerful one this past week.

I arrived to my apartment here in France near the end of a record breaking heat wave.

Since the apartment doesn’t have A/C, I went out to the balcony where my eyes were drawn to a beautiful little chapel right below.

That night, it was so hot I could barely sleep, and I started questioning why I had chosen this apartment.

The next morning on my way back from French class, I went to look at this little building that had captivated my attention & I discovered that it’s called the Chapel of the Guardian Angels, built in the eighteenth century.

I couldn’t believe it.

I came here to study French and also start my book, which talks about Divine Intervention and Guidance.

I believe my life has been saved by my Guardian Angels on several occasions and they have been a driving force for good in my life.

I also believe that our Guardian Angels are trying to guide us towards a way to heal and protect our planet.

So how cool is it that they guided me to stay here where a sacred site has been constructed in honor of Guardian Angels?

I kept thinking about the dedication and gratitude the people who created this chapel in the 1700s must have had for their Guardian Angels.

I realized that the most wonderful things that have happened to me in my life have occurred when I followed signs and guidance from my Guardian Angels.

Sometimes it’s not easy to stay committed to what we’re guided to do, and at times I haven’t had the courage to follow that path fully.

But in the last year, I’ve surrendered to completely trusting the path the Universe has for me and I will always hold this chapel dear to my heart as inspiration whenever my courage and commitment start to falter.

Just to affirm the message the Universe is sending me, that same day, I discovered the bus stop in front of my apartment is actually named “Guardian Angel.”

So what sign is the Universe sending you? How can you find the strength and joy to follow your soul’s path?

Comment below and let us know what signs you’re received recently.

Sometimes receiving a sign can be unclear or overwhelming, so share below so we can support you.

Sending you infinite hugs and love.

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