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Unleash and embody your true gifts, understand the best ways to share them so you can confidently claim your purpose.

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In Awakened Gifts Accelerator You will:
Activate your Zone of Magic so you can experience true abundance while giving back to the world however you feel called
Embrace your unique gifts and finally silence your inner critic in a way that builds unstoppable confidence and momentum
Awaken to your life’s purpose and release your blocks so you can accelerate your growth and easily share your unique gifts
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When you experience the FREE Awakened Gifts Accelerator Masterclass Series, You Will:
Reveal and unearth your true gifts and claim your destiny as an awakened leader

Discover and amplify the vast value of your abilities so you can embrace your authentic calling and open to absolute abundance

Silence those nagging voices that erode your self worth and unleash your untapped energy and motivation

Heal on a deep soul level so you can finally embody your full worth and freely step into your calling with ease and joy

Uncover, heal and release conscious and subconscious blocks about being an awakened leader and let your confidence soar

Experience a profound transformation so you can trust your abilities and accelerate your growth

Receive more prosperity and fulfillment in your relationships, career, body and entire life

… and so much more!

Meet Your Host, Dr. Eve Agee
Dr. Eve Agee is a Certified Coach, Anthropologist and Founder of the Transform Coaching Academy(rated as one of the top coach certification programs in the world).

For over twenty years, Eve has helped thousands of people around the world awaken their gifts, transform their lives and get exceptional results.

Eve awakened her own gifts during a four year Shamanic Apprenticeship in her 20s. An International Best-Selling Author and mother, Eve has worked at the White House and taught at the University of Virginia and is a leader in the field of coaching.

Eve’s mission is to empower those who feel called to share their gifts with innovative tools and techniques so together we can create an abundant future for all.

Love + Praise from Students and Practitioners

Experienced positive changes in my mind, body and spirit…

Since my coaching with Eve Agee, I have experienced positive changes in my mind, body and spirit. The changes have been faster than I could have managed on my own. I’ve doubled my client base in just two years (my income has doubled, as well)! My relationships are more fulfilling, and I’ve never felt so connected to the Divine. I am truly thankful to Eve for her support and the knowledge she has so graciously passed on to me.

Hannah Pasquinzo, USA

Eve is an amazing teacher and mentor…

I came to Eve at a point in my life where I was disheartened. I was literally giving myself one last chance, and I’m so glad I did! Eve is an amazing teacher and mentor. She truly believes in each one of us and is committed to our success. There is so much light and love in her! Thank you Eve, my life is forever changed because of your love and dedication. I’m forever grateful!

Ruth Wong, Singapore

Eve is so kind, genuine, and knowledgeable…

Eve is so kind, genuine, and knowledgeable. She truly cares about her students and believes in each one of us. Without her support and her incredible program, I would lack the knowledge, resources, and especially the confidence that I so needed. Eve is the real deal, and so are her beautiful offerings to the world.

Kelly Wojtaszek, Spain

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