Melt Away Regret and Open to the Light!

Great things can occur from the smallest moments Let’s face it, sometimes it feels like life is filled with mishaps, regrets and misunderstandings. It’s easy to be harsh on yourself and slip into judgment or beat yourself up.

However there’s always the option to accept and embrace each experience as a vehicle for growth. You are a miracle and you can find wisdom and insight in every part of your journey.

What would it be like this week to receive deep breaths each day and start to let regret and judgment melt away?

Great things can occur from the smallest moments and your life can transform in front of your eyes.

I’ve been in France for the past few weeks re-learning French after many years. Learning a language and being immersed in another culture can be both humbling and hilarious. When I first arrived I was judging myself for not practicing this beautiful language for so many years that I had almost totally forgot it. Then I decided that I would accept my situation with an open heart and since then I’ve had so many lovely experiences being here.

Whatever you’ve been judging yourself for, I encourage you to be more gentle and loving with yourself and see what happens when you approach your body, your relationships, yourself and your path with compassion and humor.

A renewed sense of possibility can emerge and you’ll experience increased creativity, inspiration and presence.

Post below and share what you want melt away and how you will be more loving and kind to yourself!

It’ll be great to support you with this and you sharing will inspire others.


2 Responses to “Melt Away Regret and Open to the Light!”

  1. Sahar Aref Says:

    Hello Dear,

    I’m a yoga teacher, moved to a new place and I wanna start my journey, no one nose me in this a new place, I used to put my family in front of the life needs, but now I feel that I reach no were. I moved away from them to start but I’m confused.
    Since last tow month, I didn’t practice, I wanna recharge my flexibility and my physical power, but I don’t know how to market my self in a new place.
    hope to find any help from you.
    Thank you

  2. eveageewp Says:

    Hi Sahar, I want to acknowledge you for all the steps you’re taking! I would recommend going around to some of the yoga studios and healing centers where you have moved to, especially ones that host workshops and find a place where you can hold some workshops so you can start to get to know people and people will know you and your offerings. By getting to know others in your new area that are also either teaching yoga or helping people through similar fields, you may also meet a yoga teacher or healer or coach that you connect with and may be able to co-lead a seminar or workshop. It may be best to begin by taking a yoga class anywhere you think would be a good future venue for you, that way you can get back into your practice and recharge your flexibility and physical power and also get to connect and know people and then initiate conversations about your teaching and how you are looking to start teaching yoga there. Please let us know how it goes! Sending love to you

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