How to get Momentum to Manifest your Goals and Take Action This Month

What is the big picture of what you want to create?

How much of what you are doing everyday is taking you toward that big goal?

What we focus on expands, but it can be so easy to get sidelined or off track and you can double that if there’s any fear around stepping into your big vision.

You know what I mean?

So often it’s the one thing we really want that we put off, over and over and over again.

It’s that catch 22…we really yearn for it and at the same time it scares us, even if all that fear is unconscious, bubbling under the surface and preventing you from taking action.

If this sounds familiar, it’s essential to find a way to take small steps that will give you incremental progress toward whatever it is you want.

So what’s one step you can take in the next three days that will move you toward your big goal?

For me, it’s starting to write the intro to my next book (which I’ve been putting off for over a month).

I pledge to write at least a few more paragraphs in the next three days.

What about you?

What do you want to do?

What action are you going to take this week to make that incremental progress?

Comment below and share your goal and action you’re inspired to take in the next three days or any questions you have.

Sharing your goal and action in a supportive community like this can be a great way to amplify confidence and build motivation.

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  1. Anna Kajner Says:

    My goal is to have an amazing successful coaching business with the perfect balance to have freedom and be with my 3 daughters. The next 3 days I am working on getting organized and writing out some meditations and really learning them. To make a tool chest essentially, that I can reference quickly.

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