On Tuesday night as I watched history in the making, I asked for the same strength that Civil Rights Leaders speak of that carried them through the so many challenges they faced.
It’s that strength of spirit and commitment to a better future for all of us–all people, all animals and all of the Earth that we need to connect to right now, even in the face of many newly elected political leaders who are focusing on the opposite.

No matter what you think of the various candidates, it’s clear that messages of hate, racism, misogyny, and violence during this campaign have left millions of people around the world in despair, angry or traumatized and it’s now essential that we heal personally and collectively so we can forge a better way forward.

So how do you do this if you feel under attack or scared for your friends, family or the world? How can we reconnect with the values that are most important for us after an event that has left so many fearful or disillusioned?

Even if you’ve been shaken to your core, it’s important to remember that our world needs you more than ever. We need your love, your gifts, and your compassion. We need your insights, your kindness and wisdom that comes from years of living your embodied experience.

It’s time to begin the healing so you can each share our gifts. Take time to be present to whatever’s coming up for you and remember—you are not alone. There are millions of souls with you and when we join together we will find the strength to bring more compassion, love and light to this precious planet we call home.

Connect with your purpose and transform your anger and allow it to fuel your mission. Nourish your spiritual connection and look to the powerful roll models of history—the disempowered men and women who had almost nothing but their beings and a sense that they could create true freedom even from the bondage of slavery, Colonialism, Jim Crow, Sexist Structures, Apartheid–and draw from their inspiration.

Many of us have more privilege and access to power than the majority of women, men and children who changed the world in those other times in history. Our environment, world and planet need us to step up now. Let’s join together and move forward and help the world in a way that is grounded in justice, sustainability and love.

Your presence here matters and it will take all of us to create real lasting positive change. Whatever your purpose is or however you want to share your gifts, the world needs you to do that now more than ever. It’s time to step into your power. Please post below and let me know what this looks like to you.

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