Rising Into Your Purpose

Imagine your wise future self many years in the future, near the end of your time in your body. You’ve lived a good life.  You’ve loved, learned a lot, had a good life and helped others in so many ways.

Just take a minute to connect with your wise future self.  As you envision looking back at your life many years from now, what stands out for you?  What matters most in your relationships, your contributions and brings you true joy and fulfillment?

I invite you to take a minute to close your eyes and ask your wise future self two questions~

            What is my purpose in this lifetime?

            What is one step I can take now to move toward my purpose with more ease?

Breathe and give yourself the opportunity to receive these answers.

You may get instant clarity about your purpose or you may receive this information over the next few days and weeks to come.  If you don’t receive answers to these two questions right away, journal on them this week and ask them before bed each night and insights may come to you in your dreams.

Taking even small actions toward your true purpose can sometime seem daunting.  So be gentle with yourself and remind yourself that you will be supported with each step as you move into your brilliant future. 

Comment below and share what comes to you about your purpose when you do this process, what action you are inspired to take, or any questions you have. 

Sharing your purpose and action in a supportive community like this can be a great way to amplify confidence and build motivation.



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