Awakened Gifts Accelerator Masterclass Series

Part 3

  How to get the most out of the Awakened Gifts Accelerator?

Step 1 – Watch each of the daily video classes.

Click on the thumbnails below to access the replays for Parts 1 and 2.

Step 2 – Download the PDF Workbooks on each of the pages.

This will save you time taking notes about the practices discussed in the videos.

Step 3 – Join the Facebook Group and ask questions!

Being engaged will help you uncover more gifts and shift your experience from receiving information to accomplishing long-lasting life changes!

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  1. Rashii

    My Awakened leader Vision Statement:

    “Live life on your terms while standing in your purpose and power.”

    • Eve Agee

      This is so great, Rashii!

  2. Amy Masuda

    My awakened leader vision statement is to serve the greater good by helping others uncover the truth of what they truly desire while nourishing my own values and relationships.

    • Eve Agee

      Beautiful, Amy. Thank you for sharing here! xoxo

  3. Clarissa

    You are delightful, powerful, and beautiful. Thank you. Bless you.

  4. Jennifer Brasseur

    I love the topic of leadership. I have always felt inspired when another is seeking out a change to create happiness, love and joy in there life. I don’t feel that leaders are better than another person. However, when you know you have within yourself the inner peace and knowledge they are desiring to learn and grow from is amazing. My husband and I are in a band and we have seen how music sent out with the intention to create a joyful night for others watching has been powerful. Setting a deliberate tone within to any or all that desire to listen is exciting for me to experience. I was greatly inspired today to start recording not only music but video’s on topics that others are desiring to learn and grow from. I love to learn and I love the journey of creating ways that help others be free from sorrow and pain. You are magical and I see you are softly helping others to manifest their true desires in what ever way serves us best. Your creation of classes and your kind joyful presents is refreshing. I am excited to learn more tomorrow.

    • Eve Agee

      What a beautiful service from you and your husband, Jennifer! I bet that’s so powerful! I’m so glad you’re feeling inspired to create more videos and help people become free from pain and suffering.

      Thank you for your truly kind words — it’s my pleasure, and I’m really excited to connect with you again today! xoxo

  5. Loveah Colette Magne

    My mission statement
    Tap into the Light and abundance life now

    • Eve Agee

      So good, Loveah! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. Emily Wimme

    My one step to move me to share my gifts is that I will sit down at my piano at least once a day and invite myself to write about how I’m feeling that day.

    As a writer and artist I find it important to not force inspiration but to actively nurture it invite to to come out and play. With my now last job (I left for my mental health) I spent 4 years not wanting to write at all, but I never had time and didnt make it either. Now that I’m transitioning I’m finding that I have a story in those 4 years that desperately needs to be told, and could help others realize they’re not alone.

    • Eve Agee

      That’s great, Emily!! I love how you frame that “to actively nurture” or “invite to come out and play!”

      Thank you so much for practicing courage and sharing your story! I know it will help so many. xo

  7. Tracy Makarenko

    I may need a bit of guidance and clarity on my statement. I feel the pull to promote myself as someone who coaches others through their traumatic experiences to find a more balanced life. I am a bit nervous as to exactly what I’ll attract, even if I know the Universe will only give me what I can handle.

    “To support the process of awakening individuals as they transition through emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual trauma and into more joy, love, peace & forgiveness.”


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