Awakened Gifts Accelerator Masterclass Series

Part 4

How to get the most out of the Awakened Gifts Accelerator?

Step 1 - Watch each of the daily video classes.

Click on the thumbnails below to access replays.

Step 2 - Download the PDF Workbooks on each of the pages.

This will save you time taking notes about the practices discussed in the videos.

Step 3 - Join the Facebook Group and ask questions!

Being engaged will help you uncover more gifts and shift your experience from receiving information to accomplishing long-lasting life changes!

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  1. Rashii

    This series has inspired me to do a lot of self reflection and focus on my gifts I want to share with others.

    • Eve Agee

      I’m really happy it inspired you, Rashii — thanks for letting me know. The people you help will be so touched by your unique gifts!

  2. Jennifer Brasseur

    I feel very happy to have joined your classes. This has given me more insight to advance my business. I already do have a paying client. I will also continue to do sessions for free for those that are desiring a positive life shift. My next goal will be to set up seminars, videos, a book and build my cliental.
    Thank you for your enlightenment and I am grateful to have the honor to connect with you at this time of my full transformation.

    • Eve Agee

      I’m so happy you joined us, too, Jennifer! Really really glad to hear it was helpful for you, and congratulations on your paying client!! Totally envisioning with you your future of seminars, videos, a book, and more clients! It’s been great to connect with you, and I hope we continue to get to do so! Gratitude and blessings, Eve


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