Guided Meditation to Reduce Stress From Coronavirus

Written byEve Agee

March 16, 2020

With everything happening because of the pandemic right now, everyone is feeling more stressed, unnerved or uncertain.

My heart goes out to everyone who is sick, has lost a loved one, is panicked, or has lost work or affected in any way by this crisis.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, scared or worried, here’s a short guided visualization that you can use every day to restore inner peace and reduce stress.

In times like this, it’s essential to support yourself physically and make time to reconnect to your spirit.

By doing things that bring you joy and connect you to a sense of gratitude, you’ll lower your stress hormones and strengthen your immune system.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed or out of balance, focus on your breath and find things that warm your heart and fill you with light.

I made this guided meditation to help you let go of pressure and panic and reconnect with calm, uplifting energy.

Hope you enjoy it!

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