Quick Exercise to Release Overwhelm & Stress

Healing technique to release overwhelm and stress

Written byEve Agee

July 26, 2021

Here’s a super quick healing technique you can do anytime you feel stuck, stressed or overwhelmed.

Get in touch with the part of you that feels pain, trapped, angry, distressed or chaotic.

Drop all judgement, receive a breath & see this part of you as innocent.

Imagine giving this part of you…




🧘🏽‍♀️Keep on breathing

Whenever it feels good, connect with your center.

Acknowledge yourself and your feelings.

Honoring your emotions provides a beautiful way to heal and move forward with more intention and energy.

I’ve been using this a lot to process old anger and it’s been truly liberating.

Have a go and see what happens for you. 🦋

Comment below and let us know what emerges.

Can’t wait to hear what happens for you. ✨



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