The Secret Inside You

The Secret Inside You

Written byEve Agee

October 10, 2023

What if…

There are multitudes of treasures inside you, such as:

The wisdom of your heart. 💗

The brilliance of your mind. 😊

The blessings of your soul. 🌸

The miracles of your spirit. 🧬

All just waiting to be explored. ✨✨✨

We’re socialized to focus on what we’re lacking.

Companies spend trillions every year to make us think we’re not enough.

Just to make us feel like we need their products to be complete.

But the truth is, you are an exquisite being, really. ✨✨✨

Take a moment now to tap into your vast internal resources.

It’s kind of MAGNIFICENT, isn’t it?

YOU are generous, kind + gifted. 💗

What’s it like to acknowledge yourself for your inherent value?

How would living in this place of recognizing your true essence change your life?

Take some time this week to feel into this + honor your gifts. 🌸


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