How to Stay Centered When the World is Falling Apart

Written byEve Agee

August 25, 2021

Life these days can be so overwhelming.

Whether it’s the tragedies unfolding globally, dire climate news, the relentlessness of the pandemic and economic insecurities…

Layered on top of whatever is going on in your life.

All of it can be enough to make you not want to get out of bed.

It can be easy to want to run away, hide, binge watch your favorite show or lash out…

But those options just leave whatever’s ruminating below to fester and grow more uncomfortable over time.

So how do we stay centered in these ongoing challenging times?

One of the fundamentals is actually being present with our emotions.

It can be scary to feel the grief, anger, despair or panic.

However, being present with your emotions will bring true healing.

To do this, take a moment now to identify the predominant emotion you’re feeling.

Name the emotion and observe where you feel it in your body. 💙

Breathe into the emotion. 💙

Ask the emotion what message it has for you. 💙

Receive the message with compassion and tenderness. 💙

Continue to sit with the emotion, staying present with it and breathing deeply.

Allow yourself to express whatever you need to in the moment–cry, journal, speak or move in any way you feel compelled.

After expressing anything you want, let yourself turn your awareness within. 🦋

Breathe deeply and stay present to the emotion as long as you need to feel complete.

Post below in the comments and let us know what insights come to you from doing this exercise.



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