How to Grow During this Crisis

Written byEve Agee

April 21, 2020

It’s during our biggest challenges that we can experience the most profound transformation.

Even though we’re on an emotional rollercoaster, this time of going inward gives us many opportunities for growth.

Watch movies, read books, listen to music and laugh.

Also, take time to go within and explore what your spirit wants you to know.

Fill your time in ways that feed your soul.

Listen to the whispers that were drowned out by all the busy-ness of life before this.

Instead of pushing yourself to get projects done, gift yourself with stillness and enjoying any quiet moments.

Heal your inner children, forgive yourself and others…

Know you are here for a reason and that your presence matters deeply.

Take time away from devices and get in touch with your purpose and why you’re here on this planet at this time.

Whatever has fallen away (and I know it may be a lot), let that bring you clarity about what truly matters for you.

Now is the moment to embody your truth and purpose like never before.

Give yourself time to journal, breathe and just be…and witness what emerges.

You are a miracle and we will get through this time. Give yourself compassion and find ways to laugh daily.

Sending you love and light.

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