3 Steps to Creating a Life You Love

Written byEve Agee

December 18, 2019

The Law of Deliberate Creation is an essential Universal Law to understand and apply if you want to have a wonderful life. The Law of Deliberate Creation states that what you consciously give thought to, you begin to attract and that which you give thought to and accompany with emotion, desire, expectation and belief in, you will attract and receive more quickly.

This law differs from the Law of Attraction because the Law of Deliberate Creation is based on creating consciously–when we knowingly offer our energy, thoughts, awareness and emotions into our creative process—while the Law of Attraction pertains to any and all of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy vibration, conscious and unconscious. The Law of Attraction is creating by default. The Law of Deliberate Creating is creating with intention.

Here are three simple steps you can use to apply the Law of Deliberate Creation to design a fantastic life:

Step # 1 Choose what you want to experience in your life. This is about consciously deciding how you wish to feel, think, and believe as well as how you show up and experience your life. As you learn about the Law of Deliberate Creation, you deepen your understanding that you have the power to choose how to respond to everything you experience and observe in your life.

So what do you truly want? How does that look for you? This is so important to explore because often we were told what we should want earlier in our lives, yet when we start to explore our authentic wishes sometimes they are totally different. Your dreams only need to thrill you, so let go of others’ expectations or requirements and listen to your heart’s desire.

Step #2 Ask for what you want. Most of us spend much of our days worried about what we do not want. Instead, start to intentionally ask for what you do want. Once you get clear about what you truly want in your life, ask others who may be able to help you for assistance. Ask the universe through forms such as prayer, journaling, vision boards, and writing your intentions for the year and month on paper.

Step #3 Take actions in faith that you will receive your desires. For some people this is the hardest step because they fear if they do it and it doesn’t work out they will be disappointed. If this is the case with you, it can mean that you may be holding on to judgment of yourself about something from your past. Use this as an opportunity to explore what your life would be like if you can loosen that fear a little and walk forward with more faith in yourself and others–even those you many not know yet. Practice receiving in other areas such as when someone gives you a gift or simply through receiving deeper breaths. Using baby steps, open up to feeling excitement about each small action you take toward your goals even if your big dream or desire has not manifested yet and see how just this step will improve your daily life.

Choosing to apply the Law of Deliberate Creation in alignment with the Law of Attraction will help you become a powerful conscious, deliberate creator. As you embark on using these three steps, consider how much daily, weekly, monthly and yearly time you commit to designing your ideal life. If not very much, block off time in your schedule every week this month to become crystal clear about what you desire, to ask for assistance and to envision receiving it.

Remember, this is not just about goals to accomplish–what’s even more important is that you get to decide how you feel and that will lead to an inspired life. It will enable you to harness the Law of Attraction to magnetize magnificent energy and experiences into your life. I’d love to hear what you want to create below–please let me know. Sharing your intentions with other supportive people activates all three of the steps above. Just by stating your desires, you get clear about what you want, you ask the universe by making a public declaration and you even get others excited and they start envisioning you receiving your wishes.

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  1. Julia

    Hi Eve! My intention is to create a huge impact in the world by combining my coaching skills and creative gifts. Thanks for creating the space to publicly declare this! Much love to you, xo

    • Eve

      Julia, honoring your amazing intention and all the ways you are creating such a powerful impact on the world with your coaching and creativity! Love you so much, xo


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