The Fastest Way to Experience More Fun

Written byEve Agee

December 18, 2019

Here’s an easy and fast exercise you can do every day in less than 2 minutes to activate the Law of Attraction, expand your joy, and create a more love-filled life. This is as simple as writing down three aspects of your day that will bring you joy.

By doing this quick exercise you will start to recognize and celebrate the fun that is occurring in your life each day. Honoring the simple joy that we experience throughout our days reverses the inclination to focus mostly on what is wrong in our lives.

Keeping track of the pleasure and joy in your life helps you acknowledge the things in your day that are going well which will bring you more presence, gratitude, and exuberance. It will also give you something to look at to remind you of everything that is going right in your life whenever challenges occur. If you think that this exercise sounds frivolous, give it a try for a week or two and you’ll notice how it helps you develop more joyous and love-filled perceptions and emotions, which in turn will bolster your ability to create a life you truly love.

You’ll discover that you actually start experiencing more joy in all the little moments in your life because that’s what you are focusing on. That’s because with the Law of Attraction, what you focus on expands. If you are struggling, often feel sad, or you just would like to feel happy more often, commit to doing this exercise to for the rest of the year. It will provide an excellent record to look back on at year’s end to see how much joy you have had during the past four months.

Use these 3 steps for the best results:
1. On a piece of paper or in a journal if you keep one, write down three things in your day that will bring you joy then set the intention to do them remembering to focus on the joy they give you. If you do this exercise at night, write down 3 moments that brought you happiness that day.

2. If you ever cannot think of three things to write down, then contemplate how you could have joy from a few of the activities you are going to experience in your day-this may include experiencing pleasure during a meal or a conversation with a neighbor, colleague or loved one. It might be allowing yourself to enjoy your shower, listening to the radio, or walking to your destinations during your day. It can be anything at all–the important part is to enjoy your self.

3. If you tend to focus on the negative, this exercise is a great way to shift your consciousness. The Law of Attraction tells us that what we concentrate on expands. Taking time daily to acknowledge and write down the happiness you experience each day creates an ongoing practice you can use to increase your vibrational match point so you literally start to attract more joy to you!

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