Harness the Power of The Solstice

The Power of The Solstice

Written byEve Agee

December 18, 2020

This Solstice brings with it a potent time for healing, growth and evolution.  

The ancients recognized the Solstice as a time ripe for intention, reflection, ritual and transformation.

This auspicious day ushers in an opportunity to evolve and transform for each of us and the planet.

Take some time today or tomorrow to be in nature and honor this Solstice and consider:

How do you want to heal, grow or awaken?

What do you desire to receive?

How can that happen with as much ease and fun for you?

Traditionally, cultures throughout the world conducted beautiful rituals honoring the Solstice and the energy it ushers in.  

What rituals do you want to bring into your life to connect with this power and align with your deepest wishes?

I invite you to explore these themes with an open heart and see what comes to you.

You are amazing.  Truly, you are a miracle.  Your life is a miracle and you are helping lift up our planet and those around you more than you can ever know.

Be compassionate and loving with yourself and celebrate you!

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