4 Steps to Create Massive Momentum

4 steps to Create Massive Momentum

Written byEve Agee

May 4, 2021

It’s so easy to get caught up with just trying to get by, that often we lose sight of what we really want and how we truly wish to live.

Research shows that if you get clear about a goal, write it down and share it with a supportive person, that you have a 97% higher chance of achieving your goal!

Ninety-seven percent, that’s huge!

Here are 4 steps I teach my private clients to create massive momentum, so you can have a true breakthrough and accelerate your growth.

🦋 Make a date with yourself to sit down and identify what you truly want in your life. Pretend you could magically make anything you want happen without getting caught up in how you will make it happen or scaling back what you really want because you think you can’t have it. Then write down why you want it, remembering to focus on how it will make you feel. This is so important because often we think we have to have something in just the exact place to feel a certain way, but actually once we identify the feelings connected to what we want we can then start finding additional ways to feel that way right now. That will help you manifest it even quicker because your feelings activate the Law of Attraction and become a mighty force in your creation process.

🦋 Next, ask yourself why this hasn’t manifested in your life yet. I’m asking you to go deep within here. Rather than focusing solely on external circumstances, also delve within you and find out if there’s a part of you that fears something about what would happen if you created your dream.

Perhaps you believe that you are not capable or that you shining brightly might be unsafe, create too much pressure, or be hard to handle for others around you? There can be all sorts of reasons that a part of us may fear what we want. After all it’s human nature to be hesitant of change and fear our own power. It’s part of the paradox of being such complex beings and the result of societal conditioning. I have this come up all the time when I do this step of going deep within to find out where my inner resistance is. Yet, each time I do this, the information that emerges sets me free and gives me the self-compassion needed to transform.

Honor whatever comes up for you with self-love and kindness and let yourself know that you can create your desire with an abundance of blessings that truly support you so that your fears don’t feel so overwhelming any more.

🦋 The next step is to get support. Review the external and internal reasons that emerged in the last step. Then write down all the people, groups, resources and institutions that are available to help you with your dream. Aren’t sure what they are? Ask friends or others who’ve done something similar. Reach out to people in your community, on social media or at networking groups. You’ll be surprised at how happy people you don’t even know are to help you if you just take that step and ask them if they would spend a few minutes on the phone or skype to suggest resources that might help you out.

🦋 Next take ten minutes to write the future vision of having your dream. Write down how you will feel, what you will do, who you will become, and every detail you can think of. Get really present with this and feel it in your body. Post this someplace you’ll see it everyday and then ask the universe to deliver it to you in the easiest way possible. Often this is not the way you think it’ll happen so be open to infinite possibilities of manifesting with ease. Start to believe that the universe is truly conspiring to support you and base your reality on that.

Each week come up with one action that you will take to move you toward your dream. It can be really small or something like calling someone to ask for assistance or finding an organization that may support you. It doesn’t matter what it is, continually taking inspired action after action will put you on the path to create miracles and stay true to your heart.

There is so much power in this exercise. You’ll be surprised at what a difference this makes.

The first step is creating the space in your life to get clarity.

Go ahead and make a date with yourself today!

In less than 20 minutes, you’ll be able to do over half this process, so no excuses.

Post below and share what you want to manifest so we can all support your goals for your life, work, health, finances…whatever your vision is.

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