Create Healthy Habits by Accessing your Body’s Wisdom

Create Healthy Habits

Written byEve Agee

May 19, 2021

Did you know that your body is a wealth of knowledge?

Indigenous peoples throughout the world honor the body as a source of wisdom.

Yet most Westernized societies have socialized us to consider our bodies as problematic or something to control.

Companies spend trillions of dollars to make us believe our bodies are inadequate so we’ll buy more products and not question the status quo.

Yet your body is truly a gateway to the soul.

Rather than flawed or wrong, your physicality is sacred and meant to be enjoyed.

So how can you break the chains of this oppressive socialization?

Start by taking off the lens that conditions us to believe our bodies are lacking, defective, or unworthy of love.

Explore what it’s like to relate to your body like a small child does…

…appreciating your body and relishing what it can do and the miracle of life.

Rather than forcing your body to do things that are painful, start a dialogue with your body to find new habits and behaviors that will help you thrive.

To do this focus on any area of your body that you are struggling with.

Close your eyes and ask your body what message it would like to share with you.

Notice what emerges–it might be a vision, feeling, sensation, memory, knowing or words.

Breathe deeply, relax and send love to your body without any expectations or judgment.

Keeping your eyes closed, ask your body, or a specific area, how you can best support it.

See what comes up as you dialogue with your body.

Continue the conversation, asking your body any specific questions such as how you can establish healthy habits that will nourish you.

Be curious about how you can best support your body and journal or meditate on this–you may be surprised at the wisdom that emerges.

If you feel any grief or betrayal, forgive yourself and give yourself loving kindness.

Post below and let us know how this inspires you or how this makes you feel.

Do this process as often as you would like and watch your relationship with your body transform in powerful ways.


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